Saturday, September 12, 2015

Checking In To Give An Update

Wow!!!!!!  It will have been a month tomorrow that I updated here.  Sorry about that. We've been busy getting paperwork ready to go to Bulgaria.  It is finally all in Bulgaria with our attorney there being translated and authenticated.  We have worked so hard to get to this point.  There were times that it seemed like we would never make it til dossier to Bulgaria day. 

So, what's next.........Well we are crossing our fingers that our dossier is reviewed at the next IAC meeting. They meet on Thursday's and the last one was 9/10. We know it didn't make it to that meeting, so we are hoping and praying that it makes it on 9/17. If it does get reviewed and they don't find any issues with our paperwork, we will receive verbal approval that day. Usually about 3 weeks later families receive written approval, or the written referral. Once we have that, possibly just a month from now, we will be assigned travel dates.  The travel dates can sometimes be for a date very close, or a month out from when you receive them.  They have to coordinate everything in country and set up our travel. We will fly from Chicago, IL to Sofia, Bulgaria. From Sofia, we will have transportation provided by our in country people to the city where our son is currently living. We will spend 5 days in his city and hopefully be able to see him twice each day. So, we will leave here on a fri or sat and then come back home the following Saturday. My Mom is going to come and stay here so that the girls won't miss a whole week of school and the dogs won't have to go to some expensive kennel while we are gone. 

This all means we could possibly be traveling to officially meet Teddy late October-mid November sometime. Please pray that our paperwork gets submitted and reviewed quickly and that they don't find anything wrong with it. Also pray that travel is issued quickly for us. We can't wait to meet him and get back home so we can tell the girls all about him.

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