Saturday, October 3, 2015

Shoe Drive Fundraiser 10,000 Pair of Shoes in 30 days

Do you have any old shoes that you never wear anymore? Shoes that kill your feet and you don't know why you keep them around? Shoes the kids have outgrown? We will take them!  We are partnering with Angel Bins to do a shoe drive fundraiser. The goal is set for us to collect 10,000 pair of shoes. They can be used, they don't have to be new.

Ways to help: As your church family to donate, ask your co-workers, friends, family, your barber, stranger on the street, lol if they have any they could give you. Do you have a spot in town you could set up a collection box for us? We will find a way to get them from you. No matter how many you collect we will take them. Even if you only have one pair, we will take them. Every pair counts in this fundraiser.

We have until November 1st to get all the shoes to us. I know we can do this!  Will you please help us?