Saturday, November 21, 2015

How Can You Help

We hope to have Teddy home in February. We still have a ways to go with out fundraising too. I wanted to write this post up to give everyone an idea of how they could possibly help us.

1) We have a tax deductible donation site set up for our family. Every penny that is in this grant account will be disbursed to our family. You can access that here:  Scheid Family Grant Account

2) I am still making magnets and taking orders for magnets. They are $1 each. You can send a check for them or make your payment to our donation site linked in the #1 above. Here are some examples of magnets I have done.

 I can take special orders also. These make great gifts for teachers, bus drivers, church friends.

3)  We are collecting used shoes and boots. We need any size you have including children's sizes. If you have old shoes around, or kids have outgrown last years boots we will take them!  If you are local to Saranac, my Mom will pick them up, you can drop off at her house at 49 Pleasant St Saranac (bin out on front porch), or the Saranac Hardware Store has a donation box for us. If you are in the Chicago area, I'll come to you just shoot me an email, facebook message, or text.   910-581-2917

4)  Puzzle fundraiser:  Would you consider donating $5 to have your name added to a puzzle piece back? This is a picture of the court house where he will legally become our son. This puzzle will hang in a double sided frame so he can always see the names of people who helped rescue him from the place he lived his first 2 years.We still have 208 pieces left to be claimed.  donation can be made to the tax deductible link mentioned in #1 up above. Just message us so we know to add your name to the back of a puzzle piece.

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